Book - TRIAD: A Pop Up Book from Junko Mizuno x Poposition Press
Junko Mizuno's Triad Pop Up Book



The Triad pop up book is a collaborative art project from artist Junko Mizuno and Rosston Meyer from Poposition Press. After working together to create two pop ups for Poposition’s last project – The Pop Up Art Book – Junko and Rosston decided to create a new pop up book from the artwork Junko created for her Triad show at the Cotton Candy Machine in 2015. Throughout most of 2016, the two have worked together on creating the intricate pop ups found in Triad. Each image was carefully taken apart piece by piece and new artwork was added to each pop up.

Here are the 10 original images that were transformed into 6 pop up spreads for Triad:

  • Ocean

    Original ‘Ocean’ artwork
  • Serpent

    Original ‘Serpent’ artwork
  • Nurse

    Original ‘Nurse’ artwork
  • Witch

    Original ‘Witch’ artwork
  • Wrestler

    Original ‘Wrestler’ artwork
  • Mansion

    Original + colored versions of ‘Mansion’
  • Tree

    Original ‘Tree’ artwork
  • Surgery

    Original ‘Surgery’ artwork
  • Magic

    Original ‘Magic’ artwork
  • Tiger

    Original ‘Tiger’ artwork

Pop Up Spreads

  • Ocean – Depicting the big fight between the Wrestler and the Shark, Ocean has been transformed from portrait image to a landscape popup with new characters and artwork added throughout
  • Serpent – Color, new artwork, characters and fill ins added
  • Triptych – The three portraits of the Nurse, Withc and Wrestler are set in frames in the three part Triptych pop up
  • Mansion – The detailed Mansion pops out in over 6 rooms, with a pull tab, flap, and even a hidden rat!
  • Tree – Also converted from a portrait image to a landscape pop up, new artwork added throughout including two hidden surprises!
  • Ink Triptych (Special Edition Pop Up) – The Surgery, Magic and Tiger images are brought together in another 3 part pop up spread


  • Artwork by: Junko Mizuno
  • Book Design & Paper Engineering by: Rosston Meyer
  • Paper Engineering on Tree: Simon Arizpe
  • Special Thanks to: Tara McPherson, Sean Leonard, Korena Rogers, Kim Bruce, Frank Kozik, David Carter and everyone who has supported Poposition Press

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